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Life insurance can provide protection to you and your family in the case of illness or accident. If you have a home loan or financial obligations, life insurance can provide a lump sum payment to your partner or family in the event of your early demise. Income protection can provide up to 75% of your regular income in the case you become ill or have an accident that prevents you from working normally.

Maxmillian will help you find the right type of life, trauma and income protection insurance. With independant research and access to a wide range of insurance products, we provide you and with a number of different options and the information you need to compare, choose and apply for the right insurance cover suitable to your needs.

We are not owned by any major financial institution so we provide a non biased view of what the most appropriate life insurance policy is for you .

We provide you with access to all the major life insurance companies in Australia.

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Maxmillian only deals with the largest life insurance companies in Australia so that you can get the best insurance plan that is appropriate for your situation. Life insurance, income protection and trauma insurance.
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