Self Managed Superannuation

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Maxmillian Consulting is qualified to provide you with self managed superannuation setup, management and advice. Access our comprehensive and competitive self managed super services.

How does self managed superannuation work?

Self managed superannuation funds perform the same role as other superannuation funds, by investing contributions and making them available to members on retirement. The key difference is that the members of self managed funds are also the trustees and therefore control where their contributions are invested and the payment of their benefits.

Do it yourself (DIY) or self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) can invest in the broad range of investments including direct property, managed funds, shares, high interest cash savings and term deposits. Australians can choose to put their personal super contributions with an independently managed superannuation fund (such as retail or industry superannuation) or with their own self managed fund.

Buying property with superannuation

In recent years there have been changes that allow you to use borrowing arrangements to buy direct property using your superannuation fund. You can use these loans to buy residential property with your self managed super fund to expand your wealth and create a comfortable retirement. In many cases you can also reduce the capital gains tax on investments held within the superannuation environment. 

With your own self managed superannuation fund you get to decide what you invest in and when your benefits are paid, as long as you comply with superannuation law. If you are looking for a comprehensive self managed superannuation setup and administration service then Maxmillian Consulting can provide it.

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According to the ATO some of the reasons why people setup a self managed super fund include:

  • Better flexibility and choice in your investment decisions
  • Stronger estate planning and being able to leave a  tax effective legacy
  • Greater cost savings vs other super funds
  • Combine family benefits in the same fund to invest into larger assets
  • Greater control and choice of your investments
  • Better tax planning opportunities now and in future
  • Better investment performance of your superannuation assets
  • Improved tax benefits and concessions

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We make managing your superannuation easy!

Our Sydney based accountants are certified self managed superannuation specialists so you know your getting highly qualified knowledge and advice. We can take care of the whole process for you, from initial setup of the super fund, to getting the right advice, managing the accounts, tax and all of the compliance.

If you don’t already have your own self managed super fund but are interested in setting one up, you should meet with one of our licensed accountants or financial planners who can help you decide if a self managed superannuation fund is right for you.

Whether you are a working professional, business owner or self employed we have packages suitable to your needs.

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