Hiring a Tax Accountant In Sydney


It is impossible for any business regardless of its size or the industry/ sector it falls under to achieve effective operation without a well-structured accounting function. Accountants are professionals responsible for measuring financial performance of businesses and providing reasonable assurance to users of financial statements.

Users of financial statements including business investors, managers and tax authorities need relevant and reliable information from the financial statements in order to make various economic decisions. In Australia; Sydney in particular, the demand for accountants is constantly on the rise. It makes sense as to why hiring  a certified practicing accountant in Sydney is an important step for many individuals and businesses.

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The Need for An Accountant In Sydney

Typically accounting is a support function in the value chain of many businesses. In turn businesses create the need for the accounting function. The sustainable Australian economy has led to the continuous growth of prosperous businesses and many not so prosperous.

Most businesses need accountants and hiring an accountant in Sydney that has all the credentials, with qualifications from accounting degrees and associations is a crucial element in business success.  CPA’s and Chartered accountants often compete for the same clients. Either one can be a valuable asset in your business.

How Much Does Is Cost to Hire An Accountant In Sydney?

This will vary according to your individual and business situation. Accounting fee’s can range from as low as $110 for a personal tax return and start from $1,100 or more for business tax returns and advice. Your fee will be commensurate with the tax you are paying, the greater your revenue and size of your business. Paying a reasonable fee for service can insure that you are paying the right amount of tax, staying compliant with the tax office and have the most appropriate tax planning in place.

Hiring a good accountant in Sydney can certainly set you on the path to financial success.

Get advice about your tax return from a tax accountant in Sydney, click here.

About Maxmillian Consulting In Sydney

Maxmillian Consulting offers friendly and personalised tax and accounting services. Their services are cost-effective and expertly delivered by veteran Sydney accountants such as CPA Linda Chen.

Maxmillian Consulting specialises in small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), superannuation funds, individual tax returns, investments as well as other tax issues.

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Becoming a Client of Maxmillian Consulting In Sydney

We are always looking for new clients to work with who want better financial outcomes with their taxes. With our growing referral base we appreciate the business our clients bring and in return give them 100% of our efforts to serve them as VIP’s.

According to the ATO a large number people in Australia still find it problematic controlling and securing their financial statements, failing to report on time and being fined as a result.  So having a good accountant makes financial sense.

We want you as our client to grow as we do, forming more of a long term partnership that you will profit from many times over.

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